Get Cash for Your Unwanted Junk Vehicle in Parker

You are in luck, as Colorado Junk Cars offers auto removal and cash for junk cars, trucks, vans and other clunkers in and around the Parker, Colorado area. We are a junkyard with a focus on buying vehicles.

With our cash for cars auto recycling program, you can trade your damaged car for cash! Even though it will not run, you will be given cash for junk cars in Parker by US Colorado Junk Car buyers! 


Based in Parker, CO, Colorado Junk Cars offers cash for all kinds of broken down autos, trucks and older cars that run. We are Parker"s premier automotive salvage company. 720-279-0229

  • Broken down cars that may have a blown engine or bad transmission
  • Fire/Water vehicles that are just unwanted 
  • Old vehicles which have been involved in an accident or wreck
  • Perfectly running Damage- vehicles with water or fire damage 

Parker Junk Cars accepts mini vans, SUVs, trucks, vans, all cars and commercial vehicles. So rather than wanting to part out, seeking out a specialty junkyard, or coming out of pocket to have someone else manage your own car removal, we will pay cash on your automobile to you. 
Your automobile will be picked up by Colorado Junk Cars from any place in the Parker, CO including your house, workplace or auto repair shop. Occasionally, we can even pick up vehicles on the side of the street when your car has broken down for the last time and you are able to get cash! 

About the Process:

 It truly is a straightforward procedure.

  1. You telephone Colorado Junk Cars to get a fast, friendly quote of your vehicle's salvage value or you merely fill out our online form. 720-279-0229 or fill out this form.
  2. You then supply us with basic information about your unwanted vehicle and our local staff will then provide you with an offer of how much money we'll pay for your automobile.
  3. We are going to arrange a time and place for the junk car removal. The entire Parker, CO area is served by Colorado Junk Cars. Same-day pickup can be found on some days, so please simply ask.
  4. Our friendly automobile removal technicians will arrive at your location to gather your vehicle and you will get cash! Our techs will also supply you with a bill of sale for your records.
  5. Your old car will probably be taken to our junkyard facility, where it'll be evaluated. Useful auto parts which are in good shape will likely be removed and offered for resale. Some wrecks could be sold as fixer uppers. 

With Colorado Junk Cars' cash for clunkers automobile recycling system, everybody wins!

Do not pay someone for junk car removal services! Sell scrap cars for cash with Colorado Junk Cars! We offer free tow-away services for old cars which don't run, so you won't need to spend a dime to get rid of that old auto; we pay you cash for your automobile!

The best way to get fast cash for cars estimate:

Are you really wondering how much cash you can get for your own old car, truck, van or SUV?

Just call Colorado Junk Cars at 720-279-0229.

Our car recycling specialists will ask you a bit of general information about your auto, including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • General condition
  • Difficulties and damage and
  • Advice on any lost parts or components

According to the info you provide, we are able to offer a quote for how much you'll get for the car.

Also check out Colorado Junk Cars online quote request form (INSERT “GET A QUOTE" page). Just complete the form and you'll get an instant offer of money for car, an old truck, SUV or van!

Could I Get Cash for My Old Car if I Really don"t have the title? How about no Keys?

Do not have a title for your old car? No worries! Colorado Rubbish Autos can still give you money for an old car providing it meets the following standards:

  1. You need to be the vehicle's registered owner; should you fulfill these standards, then Colorado Junk Cars can give you cash for your old car. We also give cash for old trucks, SUVs, mini vans and vans.

Naturally, the keys are helpful, but we can still remove the vehicle and give you cash for your unwanted car, should you not have them accessible! 

Before I Sell My Junk Car...

Before the automobile towed away and is eliminated from the premises, you must remember to remove your personal property from within the vehicle. 

Additionally, in the event the vehicle is registered, remember to contact your insurance carrier to cancel the policy on your car.

If you don't own the vehicle, you must provide Colorado Junk Cars with a title that's been signed. In cases where an old car was left on your premises, you'll need to contact your local police department to obtain specific paperwork that have to be completed. Once this is tended to, you may sell the junk auto for cash from Colorado Junk Cars! 

Get cash for old cars and trucks with Colorado Junk Cars' vehicle salvage and recycling plan. 

Selling your vehicle 's components on Craigslist could be time consuming - it can literally take years or months to find buyers for each of the parts, plus you'll have to truly remove the parts, clean them and send them out to the buyers! It's an enormous time-consuming hassle! 

And leaving that old vehicle to rot on your property causes a tremendous eyesore, plus it is an obligation! 

Get cash for cars in Parker, Colorado and the surrounding region with Colorado Rubbish Autos! 

Use our online form to discover just how much cash you can get for that old vehicle! 


Contact us now! 720-279-0229