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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicles do you buy? 

We pay cash for trucks, vans, cars, semi truck, box trucks, tow trucks, and SUVs. We purchase vehicles of most condition, year, make, and model. We will also buy your boat or RV, year 1995 and newer. Here is a general list of reasons customers choose to sell their vehicles to Colorado Junk Cars:

  • I got in an accident. We specialize in buying wrecked cars.
  • My car broke down. What should I do? Many times it doesn"t make sense to spend $1,000-$5000 on a mechanical repair for your car. Sell it to us and you not only save the money you would have spent on the repair but we also pay you cash for your vehicle.
  • To avoid dealing with selling on Craigslist. Let"s face it you can get some great deals on Craigslist but you can waste a lot of time with people not showing up when they say.

How do I get a quote to sell my car? 

Quick & hassle-free! You can use our Get A Quote form to receive an offer on your car in minutes or you can simply call us at 720-279-0229.

Will you buy junk cars that are damaged or missing parts? 

We do attempt to make an offer on your vehicle, even if it is damaged, but most vehicles need to be complete. We buy wrecked cars and a lot of the times they may be missing a bumper or fender as a result of the accident. We can still buy your wrecked car but we can"t buy cars that have parts removed by individuals. In other words, if you attempted to part out your vehicle we probably aren"t interested.

Will you pick up cars directly off the highway? 

We might be able to pick up a vehicle that is on the highway and interstate. BUT we would have to contract another company to do so and your vehicle may be towed before we can get there. 

Do you sell parts from the vehicles you buy? 

At this time, we do NOT sell any parts whatsoever.

Do you buy auto parts? 

We do NOT buy auto parts. At this time, we only buy complete vehicles.

Can you buy my car if I lost the keys?

Generally, if your vehicle is being scrapped than not having keys isn"t a problem. However, if we are paying over scrap metal value then we may require keys. Especially when buying wrecked cars.

Can I sell my truck or car without a title?

Yes. Generally, no title is fine as long as you have your driver license and a copy of your registration. Please notify us if you don"t have your title asap. 

Can you buy my car if I"ve lost my registration?

We will need a copy of your registration in order to buy your wrecked car or junk truck, you should be able to obtain this information from the Colorado motor vehicle website. See below if this is and abandoned vehicle.

What if I have a title but I am not the owner of the car?

If you are selling for an individual and have their permission, we can buy the vehicle. You will need a valid state I.D. and will be, ultimately, liable for the transaction. PLEASE let us know this asap so we can walk you through the process over the phone.

I purchased a property with an abandoned car on it?

Call your local police non-emergency phone number for the protocol and proper paperwork needed for abandoned vehicles left on your property. It"s very important you do this before we pick up. Junk car removal for abandoned vehicles can be a little risky so feel free to contact us with any questions.

My tenant abandoned a car in the driveway?

Call your local police non-emergency phone number for the protocol and proper paperwork needed for abandoned vehicles left on your property. It"s very important you do this before we pick up. Again, this can be risky if not handled properly. 

How fast can you really pick up my car?

We generally recommend you give us 24-hour notice of when you would like to pick up your junk car removed. Many times same day service is available upon request. It all really depends on how buy we are that day. We buy junk cars 6 days a week.

Do I have to be with the car?

In most cases you need to be there. We can make arrangements for a friend or family to meet us instead if you give them the title. 

Does Colorado Junk Cars pay me cash for my car?

We pay cash for junk cars. We can make arrangements to pay in check form or money order if requested.

How much do you pay for my car?

There are a few factors that help us determine your vehicle"s salvage value. Simply provide us with a brief description of what is wrong with your vehicle and the year, make, and model. Within seconds, we can provide you with a cash offer.

Do I need to have a title? 

You DO NOT need a title if:
You own the vehicle and have proof of registration.
It was registered to you last.

What should I do after I sell my car?

After selling your vehicle follow these simple steps:

  • Take your license plates and either transfer them to another car or you can return them to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Call your auto insurance company to cancel your policy on that vehicle.
  • We provide you with a "˜State 0f Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale" form DR 2173. The Colorado Department of Revenue recommends you hold on to your bill of sale for 18 months.

What Happens To My Vehicle After it"s Sold?

Our industry is very organic. As a result, your vehicle could be used in any number of ways, mainly determined by market needs.

  • Useable, mechanical parts may be remanufactured or sold as is.
  • Body panels, cladding, lights, glass, and doors can be used by automotive collision/body shops.
  • Older or less market friendly vehicles are recycled. Scrap metal is a huge parts of the automotive salvage.