Get Cash For Your Unwanted Junk Vehivle in Castle Rock, CO

Selling a working vehicle is one thing, but what to do with the scrapped car, truck or SUV sitting in your driveway? There are a number of demands involved in offloading these types of vehicles, many of which place a heavy burden on your wallet and time. However, Colorado Junk Cars is here to relieve you of this hassle and transform your liability to cash on the spot.  Located in Castle Rock, CO, we are your one-stop shop for dealing with your scrap car, truck, SUV or van for good! Along with offering the best price for your junked vehicle, we will tow it for free"”a service not offered by many! 

We make the process simple and easy. There"s no jumping through hoops or long application forms, and you"ll receive cash within just a few minutes of one of our representatives arriving at your vehicle"s location.

About the Process:

We offer a very straightforward procedure:

  1. Telephone Colorado Junk Cars at 720-279-0229 to get a fast, friendly quote of your vehicle's salvage value, or merely fill out our online form. 
  2. You then supply us with basic information about your unwanted vehicle, and our local staff will provide you with a quote.
  3.  We will arrange a time and place for the auto removal. Colorado Junk Cars serves the entire Castle Rock, CO area. Same-day pickup is available on most days!
  4. Our friendly automobile removal technicians will arrive at your location to gather your vehicle and provide you with your cash! Our techs will also supply you with a bill of sale for your records.
  5.  Your old car will be taken to our junkyard facility, where it'll be evaluated. Useful auto parts in good shape will likely be removed and offered for resale. Some wrecks may be sold as fixer- uppers.  

With Colorado Junk Cars' cash for clunkers automobile recycling system, everybody wins! Don"t be fooled into believing that the only way to recover value from your junk vehicle is to go through the hassle of parting it out yourself. We offer the best prices in Castle Rock for such vehicles, and will tow it away at no cost. The condition of your car, truck, SUV or van does not matter"”shot transmission, thrown rod, blown gaskets, wrecked body"”we"ll still take it. 

With over a decade of helping citizens of Castle Rock to offload their unwanted vehicles, we have a track record of thousands of satisfied customers with cash in their pocket"”and we want to add you and your junk car to that list!