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By Emily - April 22, 2015

Junk Car Removal


If you have an old or broken down vehicle sitting on your property, you probably already know that you can get money for recycling it through a junk car removal business. In the past, people would pay hundreds of dollars to have their vehicle towed to a recycling center. The recycling center would then make money off the frame and metal parts in the vehicle. Today, scrap metal dealers are paying cash for old vehicles that they can part out and recycle.


Not all Junk Car Removal Companies are Equal


Before you call the first 800-number with a “we buy junk cars” slogan you see stapled to a telephone pole advertising junk car removal, do a little research. Not all companies are created the same. Some companies won’t pay you up front, some make you wait indefinite periods of time for payment and some require an inspection before you can ever see a penny. You can find a list of companies that specialize in auto recycling by typing “sell my car” or “junk car removal” into Google.


In theory, junk car removal is a simple process. The company is essentially buying your vehicle from you. What they do after that is none of your business, concern nor responsibility. If a company is trying to make the process too complicated, with boat loads of paperwork, inspections and high-pressure sales tactics, you should probably run.


Before you choose a junk car removal company, read up on their reviews. See what other people are saying and what their experiences were like. You’ll want to use a company that has smooth transactions, follows the same process every time, pays well and pays quickly. There are a lot of companies out there, so finding one that meets these criteria shouldn’t be too difficult.


What Happens After Your Car is Removed


Once you’ve found a junk car removal company, the next step is having the vehicle removed. Once the car leaves your property - never at your expense - it’s a fairly simple process. The company that removed the car will probably quickly assess whether or not any of the parts are salvageable. If they are, they’ll be removed and sold.


The body, frame and any unusable or low-demand parts will be recycled. Most cars are completely recycled. Fluids, electrical parts and everything reusable is removed. The rest of it - the scrap metal - is recycled into sheet metal and used in various industries to make things like machine parts, scientific instruments and even airplanes. 


Junk car removal isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to be wasteful. Take your time, research the companies in your area and make sure you find someone your’e comfortable with and trust. In the end, you’ll wind up getting the eyesore out of your driveway and you’ll even get a nice chunk of change in exchange. When the process is over, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t say, “Junk my car!” sooner.