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Sell My Wrecked Truck

We Pay Cash For Wrecked Vehicles.

By Ted Rainer - February 4, 2016

If you’ve been involved in an accident and are wondering where do I sell my wrecked truck or SUV, or get it out of the tow companies impound lot, Colorado Junk Cars will pay you cash for your Wrecked Truck and pick it up for free. Many times it doesn’t make sense to carry full coverage insurance on your vehicle. Unfortunately, if you don’t have coverage or roadside assistance local law enforcement will tow and impound your vehicle. Guess who is out of pocket even more? That’s right, you. On top of the fee to tow to their impound, towing companies charge a fee for every day your vehicle is in the impound.
We’ve seen our would be customers lose their wrecked truck to these tow impounds because they either can’t pay the daily storage fee or where would they store it if they could. Our Denver wrecked car buyer program is the answer! Call Colorado Junk Cars today to sell your wrecked truck and we will get your truck out of the tow lot. We will pay you cash on the spot. Don’t wait until you have incurred $500+ of fees.
Call (720) 279-0229 or visit for an immediate cash offer on your wrecked truck.