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Should I Let My Uncle Repair My Vehicle?

To repair or not repair.

By Brett Morton - January 13, 2016

My mechanic says it will cost me $3500 for an engine rebuild. What should I do? Is that too expensive? 
This question was asked recently by one of our customers and it brings up several good points everyone should know about auto repair. Did you know that a mechanic can fix just the internal part of your engine that failed? For example, you have rod knocking or a spun bearing, a 'shade tree mechanic' may only quote you $1500 and an honest automotive repair facility would quote at $3500. Letting Uncle Joe, twice removed, repair your vehicle in an effort to save some money will only bring about more problems.

One of the main issues with going this route is that Uncle Joe is only going to fix what is broken (the symptom) and preform a complete engine rebuild (the cause). Often times, like Uncle Joe, these unqualified mechanics will not replace gaskets that appear ok to the eye. This is a huge no-no, because once you break the seal of a gasket the life expectancy is then reduced significantly. After putting in a large amount of money to fix your car, you'd be lucky to get 3,000 miles out of this type of shotty repair. And Uncle Joe? He gains $1350 in profit (because he only bought minimal parts for the job) and wishes he could find a sucker like this every week. Of course it only takes half a brain for Uncle Joe to warn you before you agree that this could 'only last a year or two' to save face. Usually these mechanics will say it's hard to tell or there's no guarantee but you are desperate to have your vehicle back and think you can't afford the $3500 full rebuild. 

Do yourself a favor, take your $1500 and buy an older Honda Civic (from a quality individual PLEASE, that is crucial!). Then when you can afford a newer, more desirable car you can probably sell that Honda for the same price you paid. However, if you decide to go with a shady mechanic off of Craiglist then by all means call Colorado Junk Cars after your car breaks down and we will be happy to purchase and tow away free of charge. Save the hate mail that is only a joke...kind of.