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We Pay Cash For Cars Without Title

Aurora, Colorado

By Brett Morton - December 7, 2015

Hey, if you know just a tiny little bit about cars I bet you would most likely have come across words such as: salvage vehicles, junk cars, salvage titles, etc. They all mean one thing, wrecked or broken down cars.
I will give you a quick run-down about why vehicles attain such a title, and then I go right ahead and tell you how your vehicle can be issued a salvage title and how you can benefit from your junk cars.
Now, a salvage title (as it is officially called) is a title given to cars that have been damaged in accidents, fire, natural disasters or stolen (and hasn’t been recovered for more than 21 days by the cops), which also, in some other cases, indicates that the vehicle has been regarded as a total loss by insurance companies that hold claim on it. Each state, territory, or province in the US differs in their criteria for determining if a car is to be issued an automotive salvage title or not.
Obtaining a salvage title for your vehicles can be done in very simple and easy steps:
First, the current vehicle title would need to be transferred to a salvage title. This can be done by filling an application for salvage title form issued by the state (whatever state in the US you reside in) where you will state all the reasons why your vehicle is deemed “No longer road worthy”.
Secondly, as soon as the form is completed, the state will issue a salvage title. This title permits you to sell off your junk vehicle without having to fix it.
Bad news: your car is now a junk. Good news: it’s not a totally worthless junk, and you could still make a few bucks off it. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of cash for cars outfits in the US, willing to pay you to have your junk car e.g. Colorado Junk Cars. Here, I will show you three easy steps on how to junk-a-car:
Step 1: Show us your salvage title document or give us a lowdown on your wrecked car: cause of damage, type of car, etc.
Step 2: Tell us where you are and we’d come around and tow the junk for free, totally!
Step 3: Once your salvage title has been reviewed and your junk car analyzed, we’d pay you straight up. It doesn’t get any easier than that!