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Sell My Junk Car For Cash Denver

By Brett Morton - February 16, 2016

The automotive salvage business is booming and more consumers are realizing how much value their broken down cars have. We buy clunkers in Denver, Colorado every day! Most people who look at a junk car see something ugly, beat up, and not worth a dime.  However, the lucky people who go online and search for answers on where to get ‘cash for my car’, quickly understand their car does still hold value! How much will a junk yard pay for my car? We won’t be able to answer that until you call us.  Many of our customers are thrilled to hear we are going to actually pay them to remove their car. This one of many reasons we love what we do!
Colorado Junk Cars is Denver’s leading junk car removal service. Just check out our reviews.  Our phone is constantly ringing with people who what to be paid for their wrecked cars, mechanically damaged cars, or broken down vehicles. We provide a green alternative to disposing of your auto. 
We pay cash for cars in and around Denver, CO. Call us Today for a Free Quote! 720-279-0229

Sell My Wrecked Truck

We Pay Cash For Wrecked Vehicles.

By Ted Rainer - February 4, 2016

If you’ve been involved in an accident and are wondering where do I sell my wrecked truck or SUV, or get it out of the tow companies impound lot, Colorado Junk Cars will pay you cash for your Wrecked Truck and pick it up for free. Many times it doesn’t make sense to carry full coverage insurance on your vehicle. Unfortunately, if you don’t have coverage or roadside assistance local law enforcement will tow and impound your vehicle. Guess who is out of pocket even more? That’s right, you. On top of the fee to tow to their impound, towing companies charge a fee for every day your vehicle is in the impound.
We’ve seen our would be customers lose their wrecked truck to these tow impounds because they either can’t pay the daily storage fee or where would they store it if they could. Our Denver wrecked car buyer program is the answer! Call Colorado Junk Cars today to sell your wrecked truck and we will get your truck out of the tow lot. We will pay you cash on the spot. Don’t wait until you have incurred $500+ of fees.
Call (720) 279-0229 or visit for an immediate cash offer on your wrecked truck.

What Are My Options If I Have Wrecked My Car?

Sell My Wrecked car

By Brandon Hauer - January 25, 2016

I talk to hundreds of people each week that have been involved in an automotive accident and want out of their car. Smart consumers do not want a wrecked car even if its repaired perfectly. Insurance companies generally tell their customers they are responsible to repair the car to "pre-accident" condition. This is the agreement they have with their customer, generally called an insurance policy or binder. When I’m talking to consumers the question always arises; Is it really possible to "restore" a vehicle to pre-accident condition? The answer is a resounding NO. Even if your truck or car is repaired with absolute precision by human hands, there’ll be inconsistencies and/or flaws. The welds won't be done by the assembly line robots and the parts will not be dipped in the proper metal baths…More importantly your car or truck will never have the same value it did before the accident mainly due to the accident history.
What can I do about this? Attempt to be informed with our suggestions to get the most out of your vehicle insurance claim:
When your car’s repair estimate is performed, ask the body shop for a digital copy via email along with the pictures (images). That can be shown to additional collision shops that may offer to repair your truck or car for less money. More importantly, you may discover that your insurance companies estimate is low and you need more money to get your auto repaired to "pre-accident" value!
Always receive a cash offer for the damaged car "as-is". You can call 720-279-0229 or email the repair estimate to and our dedicated car buyers will respond quickly with a cash offer that includes us towing it away. Many times it makes sense to keep the repair check and you’re your wrecked car or truck "as-is".
Remind your insurance adjuster that you’re the customer. Especially since you have been loyal to their company. Remind the adjuster how many long you have been with the company. You might get a little more cooperation if you inform them of the possibility you may switch companies.
There are over 65,000 collisions per year in the US alone. Only half of them have coverage and are consequently repaired or totaled. Most consumers just want "out" of their vehicle after a wreck. Think about how many television ads you have to watch and how many of them are insurance companies vying for your business! Ask yourself if they would be doing that much advertising if their business was not profitable?
If you've just had a wreck and you too do not want to keep the vehicle, call We buy damaged cars and trucks throughout Denver, in any condition.
For more information, call (720) 279-0229 to speak to local car buyer. Consultations are always free and could be very beneficial.

Should I Let My Uncle Repair My Vehicle?

To repair or not repair.

By Brett Morton - January 13, 2016

My mechanic says it will cost me $3500 for an engine rebuild. What should I do? Is that too expensive? 
This question was asked recently by one of our customers and it brings up several good points everyone should know about auto repair. Did you know that a mechanic can fix just the internal part of your engine that failed? For example, you have rod knocking or a spun bearing, a 'shade tree mechanic' may only quote you $1500 and an honest automotive repair facility would quote at $3500. Letting Uncle Joe, twice removed, repair your vehicle in an effort to save some money will only bring about more problems.

One of the main issues with going this route is that Uncle Joe is only going to fix what is broken (the symptom) and preform a complete engine rebuild (the cause). Often times, like Uncle Joe, these unqualified mechanics will not replace gaskets that appear ok to the eye. This is a huge no-no, because once you break the seal of a gasket the life expectancy is then reduced significantly. After putting in a large amount of money to fix your car, you'd be lucky to get 3,000 miles out of this type of shotty repair. And Uncle Joe? He gains $1350 in profit (because he only bought minimal parts for the job) and wishes he could find a sucker like this every week. Of course it only takes half a brain for Uncle Joe to warn you before you agree that this could 'only last a year or two' to save face. Usually these mechanics will say it's hard to tell or there's no guarantee but you are desperate to have your vehicle back and think you can't afford the $3500 full rebuild. 

Do yourself a favor, take your $1500 and buy an older Honda Civic (from a quality individual PLEASE, that is crucial!). Then when you can afford a newer, more desirable car you can probably sell that Honda for the same price you paid. However, if you decide to go with a shady mechanic off of Craiglist then by all means call Colorado Junk Cars after your car breaks down and we will be happy to purchase and tow away free of charge. Save the hate mail that is only a joke...kind of.


We Buy Junk Cars in Arvada, CO.

Cash for cars

By Brett Morton - December 28, 2015

With the automotive industry booming, the need for new vehicles is soaring. At the same time, the number of vehicles that are abandoned and put away as ‘junk vehicles’ for recycling is soaring even high. However, these vehicles which are deemed to be ‘obsolete’ bring immense value for anyone who’s looking for parts for his vehicles, whilst recycling the parts that can be reused. The disposing of parts that can’t be salvaged is another integral part of automotive salvage. With spare parts and accessories for some of the previously high-in-demand vehicles becoming rare, the use of these vehicles is becoming more important by the day.
The salvage industry contributes to the mitigation of one of the biggest issues the automotive industry faces, which is the amount of waste it produces. Around 75% of the parts in a vehicle can be reused, which is an ideal way to minimize on the impact of automotive waste that has on the environment. It’s also an economical way rather than using brand new parts for a vehicle.
Automotive salvaging has 3 basic steps. The first step is called the ‘Pre-treatment which accounts for the dismantling of the vehicle and draining it of all the fluids. The fluids themselves can either be reused or recycled.
The components such as the tires, and battery can be reused as well. The parts such as the front or rear ends, body panels and bumpers, motors, wheels and electronics are high in demand for replacement parts, The remaining parts can be used as scrap metal,  after being treated by a crusher, and the nonmetallic parts can be utilized for landfilling. Which all contribute to some kind of a use for your wrecked vehicle.
Other than the fact that these vehicles can save you money through cheap spare parts and accessories, another way to save more money from a vehicle repair is to go for scrap vehicles, if the repair in question is an insurance claim.
Vehicle lovers always like to find accessories to their rare and out of production vehicles for a cheap price in junk yards.  That would not only save them money from having to order brand new parts, but also would keep the vehicles running without issues.
A junkyard could help you to earn an extra income as well. If you have a broken down vehicle that you won’t be using, taking it to a junkyard will earn you a reasonable income whilst helping others who are in want of spare parts with a constant supply whilst mitigating environmental pollution caused by scrap vehicles. Therefore, you can earn some valuable cash for your obsolete car if you take it to a junkyard, whilst contributing the society at the same time.